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College Resources for Seniors: Why Go to College?

College Resources for Seniors aims to provide an in-depth guide to college search, career, and financial aid


College Resources for Seniors aims to provide an in-depth guide to college search, career, and financial aid.

This section provides information on:

  • The financial benefits of attending college
  • The adventure of attending college
  • The personal reasons for attending college
  • A few myths about college
  • Attending college and its relationship to job satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

College increases job satisfaction because:

  • College Education opens countless opportunities in the job market
  • College degree allows YOU to choose a career field than a random career choosing you
  • If you enjoy the career, most likely you will have job satisfaction because you love the job
  • College opens the door to high earnings, which also leads to job satisfaction


Work-Life Earning

According to the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • There is a strong correlation between higher education and lifelong work earnings
  • Higher education has more influence over earnings than factors such as race, gender, and ethnicity
  •  A bachelor's degree will yield $1 million than no college education on average

Want more information? U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Educational Statistics are a great resource:


College will allow you to expand yourself and reach your full potential:

  • Leave your comfort zone and explore the college
  • Meet new faces, diverse backgrounds and different perspectives 
  • Cultivate strong friendships, and find your niche 

The Common Application, an undergraduate college application system, provides a great visualization here between the mind of a high school graduate versus a college graduate:

What is your purpose in life? 

  • Not sure what your future holds? College will demonstrate that there is a place for everyone
  • Cultivate your skills and expand your knowledge
  • Make a difference in the world     
  • Find a mentor; be a mentor
  • Learn from student-leaders: Learn how they inspire, contribute to the society and become an exceptional citizen 



College is FUN

  • Explore different majors before you decide on a career permanently 
  • Want to major in psychology? Take a few courses and you will quickly find out if it is your passion. Don't like it? Time to try a different major until you find your passion! 
  • A course that you took on a urge could ignite your interest and lead you to your passion and a career you could have never expected. 
  • Want more information? Check out the Why Go to College? Handout authored by the State of Tennessee.